Pictures for Option #3: Subway/LIRR and Bus to Queens College


Take the subway or LIRR to Forest Hills.  (Subway lines: E, F, R, V.)

Take a Q64 local bus to Queens College.  (Schedule: PDF Schedule for Q64 Bus)

Get off the bus at Jewel Avenue and 150th Street.

Walk to Queens College.  (Two Blocks)


Cost: You can use a metrocard to pay for the subway and bus.

Here is a map of the Q64 bus route. The route on the map begins where you get on the bus, and it ends at the bus stop where you get off the bus.

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When you get to Forest Hills, you will exit the subway near the intersection of Queens Boulevard and 71st Avenue. 


From here, you can see the bus stop for the Q64 bus.  This is the first stop for the Q64 bus.  The bus starts here.




The Q64 bus ride is 15 minutes from Forest Hills to Queens College.


These pictures show the last 10 minutes of the bus ride.

After you pass Main Street (with all of the stores) and 147th street, you should pull the "please stop" string. You will be the next stop: 150th Street.



Get off the bus at: Jewel Avenue and 150th Street.


Now you will walk to Queens College. This map shows the walking route.


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These pictures show how to walk to Queens College from the bus stop.

You walk north on 150th Street.




These pictures show how to walk to the LATLab from the entrance of Queens College.





 You are here!  Room A-207-A of the New Science Building at Queens College/CUNY.  This is the LATLab.