Pictures for Option #1: Express Bus to Queens College


From Manhattan, take the QM4 express bus to Queens.  (Schedule: PDF Schedule for QM4 Bus)

Get off at this stop: Jewel Avenue and 150th Street.

Cost: You can’t use a monthly/weekly metrocard for an express bus.  You need to buy a $11 metrocard at a subway station first.  The bus costs $5.50 each way. (Check MTA website for latest price information.)


The bus ride is 45 minutes from Manhattan to Queens College.


These pictures show the last 10 minutes of the bus ride.


After you pass Main Street (with all of the stores), you should press the "please stop" button/bar. You will be the next stop: 150th Street.


Get off the bus at: Jewel Avenue and 150th Street.


Now you will walk to Queens College. This map shows the walking route.


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These pictures show how to walk to Queens College from the bus stop.

You walk north on 150th Street.




These pictures show how to walk to the LATLab from the entrance of Queens College.




 You are here!  Room A-207-A of the New Science Building at Queens College/CUNY.  This is the LATLab.